Most problems faced due to hard water in every home

More than 80% of Indian homes are affected by hard water—that is, water filled with dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonate. While these minerals aren’t harmful for most people to ingest, hard water can cause a lot of inconveniences in everyday home life.

Few hard water issues listed below

Clogs in the plumbing system If you notice chalky deposits  inside of your water faucets like taps,showers,geysers then there are chances of same deposits throughout your house plumbing system. Over time, this buildup of lime scale can restrict water flow, clog up appliances such as water heaters, block showerheads, taps, filters,washing machines,dishwashers.

Difficulty in laundary and dishwashing Minerals present in hardwater do chemically react with detergents used to clean clothes and dishes, making it difficult to wash clothes,remove stains. Even after washing dishes throughly, hardwater minerals stain white in color ,remain on utensils.

Difficulty in cleaning bathroom Scales of the minerals present in hardwater accumulates on taps, tiles ,bath tubs,basins etc . These scales are very hard to clean . Stains formed by these minerals scales looks very ugly.

Dull hair & dry skin After washing our hair and body, minerals presents in hard water scale up on our scalp , hair and body , giving a look of white patchy, making the skin and hair look dull. It will even affect the teeth aswell. 

Maintenance of Appliances If opten machines like washing machines,geysers etc ,get clogged ,due to hardwater, then maintaining such appliances will become difficult and costly aswell. Hardwater reduces the efficiency of your complete plumbing network of your house.

Solution for all the issues of hardwater 

D'Cal brand is one the top ,in hardwater softener device brands in india. Dcal hardwater softener is innovative ,proven ,trademarked ,designed developed by engineers based in hyderabad ,india.

Feature of the D'Cal hardwater softener are

  1. Zero maintenance
  2. No electricity required
  3. No plumbing or installation required
  4. No water wastage
  5. can protect complete plumbing system
  6. Less cost

How to Install/Usage Drop the device into overhead tank and forget about the tensions created by hardwater. Yes, Its that easy. 

Wondering where do you find that device.. Relax it will delivered right at your door step. Click below provided link ,place the order and its reaches you as fast as possible.'cal-hard-water-softener

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