instant tap water geyser

They are many electric water geyser models like tank geyser, tankless geyser, instant tap water geyser etc ,available in market in india. In each model ,we have lots of brands in the market. Every brand showcase their product good features and hide the maintenance nuisance ,they create for buyer in long run.

Time that indicates ,geyser has issues and needs fixation

All of sudden hot water stops pouring, even tho power supply is proper ,wiring is proper. Then issue is with geyser. If this happens in winter days ,while having bath , its rediculous.

Water is not enough hot, it is mild hot, even tho thermostat is set properly and all wiring are right. It indicates ,geyser is under repair.

If the geyser is leaking , little leakage is fine, but if leakage is too much ,it need plumber service immedietly. All the water inputs to geysers should be closed. And it should be switched off till the leakage is fixed.

If the water is rusty, dirty or discoloured, it may be because of build-up on the heating elements or sediment that is now making its way into the hot water outlet.

All the above mentioned problems needs a technical personal ,to come and fix it for you. If its within warranty period then fine else high fees is charged for his service. And it mite take few days for him to come and ,fix it for you.

The best solution for all of above mentioned problems, is to buy a innovative ,no maintenance,less price , high safety,no tedious installation process, heats water at instant in 3–5 second ,work as 2 in 1 model .Its a instant tap water geyser available in indian market.

instant tap water geyser

Above image shows the instant tap water geyser in india. It looks almost like a tap, can be installed ,just as we fit a tap. It comes with the power chord,a pressure controller and a filter with it. Instant tap water geyser,can be installed even by a non technical person also. Instant Tap water geyser,takes very little space, no heavy wiring, no maintenance. Works on 2 in 1 based model,like turn the tap nob to left ,you get normal water and turn the nob to right you get hot water at instant in 3–5 second. Digital temperature display is given. Instant tap water geyser is one product that can fix all the issues of other geyser models available in market.


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