Hot water is most essential in our every day life.As essential as water itself is.. To list out few usage of hot water are, to bathe, washing clothes & utensils. In some regions warm water is used to wash vegetables and fruits as well.

Taking bath every day ,with hot water has significant benefits in our lives.Few of such benefits of taking bath with hot water are, Can help relieve muscle pain,making us feel relaxed,Can make you feel relief from cold and flu , Can make us feel lite and get good sleep, Can elevate your mood ,feel fresh,Lowers blood pressure,improves blood circulation and many more. Many therapies exists , treated with hot water mixed with essentials salts/oils in it to keep our body healthy and fit.

Problems faced due to conventional water geysers

In 20’s era, our busy schedule we cant afford to wait till ,the good old tank geyser model ,gives us enough hot water in time ,helping us finish bath,get ready ,attend our professional tasks in time. Many a times ,we return home from a tightly scheduled work day, wanting to have bath ,feel relaxed but at same ,with zero patience we need to wait ,till water becomes hot .Time between we switch on geyser and till its done, indicating us that water is hot, is very frustrating.Now No Need to wait after we switch on the geyser ,till the water in the geyser tank becomes hot.

New Instant Tap water geyser model gives hot water in just 3–5 seconds

moresore:instant tap water geyser

We have lot many geyser models available in market ,which are almost of same working model,with different fuels like electricity,fire,gas .

Here We are introducing instant tap water geyser ,new innovative ,safety assured, low power consuming, no tedious installation, low maintenance, less price ,gives hot water in just 3–5 seconds ,at any time when you open the tap. As you see in above pictures,Yes, its just a tap , embedded an eletric coil into it, comes with the power cord, needs to be plugged to electric socket. It 2 in 1 instant tap water geyser, ie turning the tap nob towards right ,normal water flow out ,and same as left hot water flows out. It works as 2 in 1 instant tap water geyser.

Instant tap water geyser Installation is quiet simple, as simple as you fit a tap faucet in bathroom.Package comes with all accessories required to install ,like filter,pressure controller,etc..along with the manual.

Instant tap water geyser is must have for a woman passing thru postnatal period, to keep herself and baby warm, to sterlise baby feeding bottle and baby clothes. It is must have for the old aged people to keep them warm as they are more borne to flu attack.Now a days ,due to contaminants in air, and poor clean conditions during cultivation and harvesting of vegetables and fruits, its recommended to wash vegetables and fruits in hot water before consumption.

Wondering where do you find instant tap water geyser..Its available in indian online market. Buy best one at best price in online marketplace in india. Free delivery ,with cod is provided , with pan india coverage.


Instant tap water geyser, beats all other model of geyser available in indian market, as its top in, safety precaution, less space, low maintenance,low price,works on instant basis and 2 in 1, one tap gives both normal aswell as hot water,even look is stunning. What else is needed in geyser appliance? please drop your opinions in the comment box below.