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D'Cal Hard water Softener

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D'Cal Hard water Sofetner

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1.No Maintenance

2. No Plumbing

3. No High Cost

4  No Water Wastage

5 No Electricity Required

The system masks the calcium ion into become inert and incapable of forming scales on your taps, fixtures, etc by using proprietary technology Uses tasteless, odorless, colorless and food grade media.The System prevents scaling of hard water stains on your Faucets, taps, Fixtures, Mirrors, in your bathroom and Kitchen, ensuring that bathroom fittings look good as new for longer. Appliances using Bore water like Geyser, washing machine,etc are protected from internal damage and corrosionnthus extending their life.Reduces Harmful effects of hard water on your Hair and Skin.Prevents corrosion of your house Piping System.


1.No Maintenance

2.No Regenration

3. No Plumbing

4. No High Cost

5  No Water Wastage

6 No Electricity Required

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