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Organic Raw Sugar|Unrefined Natural Brown Sugar |Pack of 4

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Organic Raw Sugar Unrefined Natural Brown Sugar

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1. Certified Organic Brown Sugar.
2. Unbleached and without any chemicals.
3. Replacement for ordinary table sugar or anywhere in cooking.
4. Vegan & gluten-free product.
5. Use in tea/ coffee/ latte/ milkshake/ on butter toast/ or while making any sweet dish.

This certified organic sugar is made from organic sugarcane and processed organically. It’s delicious, naturally-brown crystals have an old-fashioned sugarcane taste and are not bleached. It does not have any cancer-causing and environmentally damaging pesticides that may be otherwise present in conventionally grown sugarcane. Use it anywhere you would use regular sugar. It is great for cooking, baking and sweetening your coffee or tea. Important practical notes- Brown sugars naturally leach color when dissolved in water, since the crystals contain a thin layer of the remaining molasses. Brown Sugars may harden if jar is left open. Just add a few apple wedges, seal it, and let it set overnight, or until the sugar softens. Your brown sugar is as good as new! 

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