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Terms and Conditions is a b2b as well as b2c ecommerce platform , connectig manufacturers/producers directly with end consuming business or end cosumer located accross india. Main aim of the platform is to make sourcing, trade, supply chain at ease ,eliminating all unnecessary expenditures happening in current supply chain system .

Conditions For Seller To Avail Benefits of

1.In bulk trading , acts as a ecommerce platform connecting selling business and buying business ,where in buying business directly contacts the selling business . doesnt provide the transport or logistics support . It is to be mutually discussed and to be decided between the 2 entities (seller and buyer ) involved. 

2. Every product that seller uploads will be verified and approved before it is enabled on the frontend catalogue. Seller can upload any number of such approved products. 

3. In B2B transaction we charge 6% commission of product value.. 

4. In case of b2c we charge 10percent on category for every transaction/purchase of product. 


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